Museum of Brisbane

Communities of Faith Walking Together

  • 22 Apr 2009 — 20 Jul 2009
  • Exhibition now closed

What do we believe? What do others believe? Do we share similarities and common experiences? In what ways are our faiths or spiritual beliefs unique?

Communities of Faith Walking Together

These are some of the questions that Communities of Faith Walking Together explored. This exhibition reflected some of the beliefs, practices and rituals of a number of Brisbane’s diverse faith and spiritual communities. The exhibition was developed to increase understanding and respect between faith communities and foster awareness within the wider community.

Communities of Faith Walking Together evolved over several years. It began when faith communities expressed interest in an arts-based project to encourage inter-cultural understanding. Communities of Faith Walking Together utilised the combined efforts of nine religious / spiritual groups, their leaders and communities. Contributors included the Ba’hai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Taoist faiths and Aboriginal spirituality.

Representatives from each group made contributions to planning, writing, sourcing quotes from sacred texts and having their faith practices photographed. Communities of Faith Walking Together did not attempt to represent all religions, faiths or spiritual practices. Nor did it provide detail about theology or ritual. Instead it provided a snapshot of spiritual practices: revealing some of the long traditions, rich histories, inter-relationships and currency of faith and spiritual practices in Brisbane.

Photography by Judy Parrott, Mark Crocker and Jo-Anne Driessens.

A Brisbane City Council Community Arts Initiative.