Museum of Brisbane

City Machine

  • 26 Jun 2009 — 24 Dec 2009
  • Exhibition now closed

It keeps going, all day, all night, never stopping, constantly moving. Energy is concentrated, life is dense. People plan, build, create networks and co-exist. Neighbourhoods hum with life. The city is like a machine – each part connected to other parts to create a complex whole. The city machine connects us all.

City Machine

This fascinating exhibition from Museum of Brisbane explored this notion and uncovered what keeps our city ticking by digging deep into the archives of Brisbane City Council and beyond to reveal how Brisbane was ‘made’. Visitors were able to discover amazing historical documents and illustrations – the proclamations, plans and diagrams of Brisbane’s first roads, bridges, reservoirs and tramways, and objects such as Brisbane’s first water pipes and the wooden pavers that once lined Queen Street. Also on display, for the first time in Queensland, were the original petitions from the people of Brisbane that gave birth to our city.

A major highlight of this exhibition was MoB’s own ‘city machine’ – an enormous interactive installation that dominated the gallery space, allowing visitors to get up close and touch, feel and experience our rich history first hand.

City Machine was presented by Museum of Brisbane and City Archives.