Museum of Brisbane

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  • 14 May 2010 — 12 Sep 2010
  • Exhibition now closed

Museum of Brisbane presented an interactive exhibition of glass plate photographs recording life in Brisbane from 1890 to 1921 as seen through the eyes of photographer, Alfred Elliot.

Chosen View

Visitors were invited to create their own exhibitions by selecting individual images that give an insight into our city at the turn of last century – revealing scenes of daily life, events and civic celebrations and vistas of a forgotten Brisbane.

The Elliot Collection is a group of 285 photographic negatives that were discovered underneath a Red Hill house in 1983 packed in wooden cigar boxes with a stereoscopic camera and today form part of the City of Brisbane Collection.

Born in England, Alfred Henry Elliot arrived in Brisbane aboard the Gauntlet in 1876 and worked mostly as a civil servant who undertook photography as a side hobby. His passion for photography is evident in the wide range of subjects captured in his work – providing a wonderful glimpse i.nto his life in Brisbane at the turn of last century