Museum of Brisbane

Blakely & Lloyd:

  • 12 Aug 2011 — 20 Nov 2011
  • Exhibition now closed

Blakely & Lloyd was an exhibition that surveyed the collaborative practice of Brisbane-based social documentary photographers Angela Blakely and David Lloyd.

Blakely & Lloyd: Social Documentary Photography / 1993-2010

B&L poster


An exploration of human rights and social justice issues, Blakely and Lloyd’s work examines conflict and personal crisis, both abroad and closer to home.

Encompassing close to two decades of works, Blakely and Lloyd’s provocative and moving images took visitors to some of countries and communities that they have spent working. Internationally this included a commission from the Australian Army tracing Australia’s involvement after the national genocide crisis in Rwanda, and other works taken on behalf of the World Health organisation in post-USSR Bosnia.

Australia works featured in this exhibition included a number of series exploring issues that touch us all, including anorexia, suicide and marginalised Indigenous youth in Mt Isa.

Explaining their vocation for social documentary photography and providing a voice to those who have none, Blakely & Lloyd said, “They shared their stories with us in the hope that people will care. We carry their stories so people will know.”

The Blakely & Lloyd exhibition’s compelling images told stories of the human condition, reset the boundaries of how difficult issues are publicly discussed and allow us to more deeply reflect who we are.