Museum of Brisbane

Bite the Blue Sky:

  • 25 Sep 2003 — 19 Feb 2004
  • Exhibition now closed

Blue skies characterise the optimism of the Brisbane approach to life and living. They remind us of the blue-sky thinking that prompted countless people to start afresh, to will the city into being with their imagination and ambition, to claim Brisbane as their place – literally, to “Bite the Blue Sky”.

This inaugural social history exhibition looked at the different concepts of beginnings as they relate to the history of Brisbane and its people.

Bite the Blue Sky: Brisbane Beginnings was a multi-dimensional exhibition that traced the city’s history from three million years ago until today through the lifelines and stories of young, old, Indigenous, migrant, and convict Brisbane.

Bite the Blue Sky: Brisbane Beginnings was divided into four key areas:

  • Brisbane before Brisbane
  • Peopling the city
  • Shaping the city
  • Claiming a place.

Within these key areas, nine different Brisbane ‘beginnings’ themes were explored – from deep geological time to present day.

The curatorial and research team behind Bite the Blue Sky: Brisbane Beginnings forged many community connections to uncover people’s stories and experiences in the creation of the exhibition.