Museum of Brisbane

Yannick Blattner

  • 19 Aug - 3 Dec 2017
  • Exhibition now closed

Museum of Brisbane welcomes Yannick Blattner as our current Artist-in-Residence.

Yannick Blattner

Discover emerging Brisbane artist Yannick Blattner’s new works Stay Til the Sun Sets created during his recent artist residency at the Museum.

Blatner’s work explores the contradictions and paradoxes of Australian identity, and during his residency he explored the images and symbols of Brisbane’s sub-tropical culture through conversations with visitors.

Blatner’s multi-disciplinary practice spans sculpture, installation, performance, video and painting. A graduate of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2014, he has exhibited locally and nationally, and has been a finalist in both the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize (2015) and the Gold Coast Art Prize (2015)

The Museum’s current Artist-in-Residence is Aaryn Snowball. Find out more about Snowball’s residency.

Museum of Brisbane’s Artist-in-Residence was launched in June 2017 and is a month-long residency, followed by a two-month exhibition, open to artists and creatives from all disciplines.

To find out more about the program or apply, visit our information page.

Museum of Brisbane’s Artist-in-Residence program is generously supported by Mr Tim Fairfax AC and donors.

Previous Artists-in-Residence

Elysha Rei

Elysha was in residence at the Museum in June 2017 to create a new installation work in her practice of paper-cutting – a practice which is inspired by her mixed Japanese-Australian heritage.

Elysha Rei is a Japanese-Australian visual artist whose work draws upon her mixed heritage and transition between places, cultures and communities. With a curiosity to examine her identity within a Japanese aesthetic, Elysha’s work uses symbolic animals, plants and patterns. By placing these natural elements within new environments, she aims to question notions of ‘tradition’ and attachment to ‘place’, creating visual interpretations of her experienced cultural hybridity.


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