Museum of Brisbane

Alice Lang:

  • 26 Nov 2010 — 30 Jan 2011
  • Exhibition now closed

Alice Lang’s materially driven sculptures reference a range of sewing techniques and material influences including puff paints, second hand fabrics and appliqué to create a tension between the decorative and the grotesque, form and formlessness, allure and repulsion.

Alice Lang: Just in Case

Just in case:
we run out of time,
you change your mind,
I don’t see you, you don’t like it ,
we miss each other,
you forget ,
the house burns down,
you get lucky,
it starts to rain,
I can’t think of any thing,
I fall asleep,
we need a place to stay,
you get hurt ,
it get s cold,
you get lost ,
it doesn’t’ t work out ,
you get nervous ,
you want to stay.

This work for Museum of Brisbane explored the adaptability of sculptural objects as communicative, inhabitable and wearable spaces.