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Tour in Mandarin

Tour in Mandarin: Ink Remix

Ink Remix: contemporary art from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong takes a look at the traditional methods of using ink in new and exciting ways. Given the origin of this exhibition all didactic panels are translated in traditional. Bring your language class along for a tour in Madarin. Tours can be delivered to suit the class’ individual proficiency This experience is intended to give students opportunities to practice their language skills by asking questions and extend their exposure to the language.

Tours can be followed by a guided meditation workshop delivered by Ven Miao Lei from Chung Tian Temple for no additional cost. Have your students leave Museum of Brisbane mindfully aware for the remainder of their day

Year levels 7 – 12
Group size 20 – 40
Duration 30 minutes – 1 hour
(including time for students to practice their language skills with questions)
Curriculum links Visual Arts, Languages (Chinese)
Cost $9.90


To speak with our education team regarding possible offerings for your class please email or call 07 3339 0836.