Museum of Brisbane


Located in the heart of the city at Brisbane City Hall, Museum of Brisbane is the keeper of our city’s vibrant art, culture and history. MoB Learn fosters the next generation of curious and creative thinkers through highly immersive programs that enable students to discover experiential and enquiry-based learning.

Our MoB Learn programs are designed and facilitated by our trained Museum Educators with each offering providing curriculum-aligned experiences across the Humanities and Social Sciences, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, Visual Art, Design and Fashion. Programs include unique access to objects, artists, historians, curators, conservators and professional development experts.


Tailored Experiences

Work with us to create a tailored Museum experience that responds to your curriculum or group needs.
Our Museum Educators can customise their delivery to provide a gallery experience that responds to exhibition
content or a hands-on, studio workshop with a focus on particular topics or techniques.

Download the MoB Learn 2019 – 2020 program

Keep in touch

To speak with our education team regarding possible offerings for your class please email or call +617 3339 0823.

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