A city without
art is a
city with heart


Gordon Bennett (1955-2014)
Home Décor (Preston + De Stijl = Citizen), The Cat 1997
Purchased 1997
City of Brisbane Collection, Museum of Brisbane

Purchased during the formative years of his career, the late Gordon Bennett is widely regarded as one of the most important artists to come from Brisbane. Ian McLean (Professor of Contemporary Art, University of Wollongong) states “…in my mind no Australian artist has yet achieved as much as he did.”



Vida Lahey (1882-1968)
Central Station 7:00am c1935
Bequest of the Artist 1968
City of Brisbane Collection, Museum of Brisbane

Vida Ladey is noted for being a well-known advocate for the arts in Brisbane and one of the first prominent female artists in Australia. Her artworks reflect a moment of Brisbane lost in time and encourages the viewer to understand the evolution of a city and its people.

Benjamin Werner (b.1975 Brisbane)
Suburban Sprawl #1, Return to the City 2012
Purchased 2012
City of Brisbane Collection, Museum of Brisbane

As a contemporary artist working in Brisbane today, Werner documents his perspective of living in the city. Simon Oriti writes that Werner’s artworks help to “imagine the lives of those living amongst the beckoning lights and dream about who we could become and what the city has to offer us.”



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