Museum of Brisbane

Their name liveth for evermore


As you enter into our gallery spaces you will notice the new installation, Their name liveth for evermore, which pays tribute to the many Australian soldiers who served in World War I.

Within the display is a collection of letters written by brothers William and Douglas Adam to their mother, Jane Adam of South Brisbane. The letters detail the time the brothers served in Egypt and Gallipoli and give a unique look into their daily life as soldiers on the frontline.

Sadly both brothers died in the war. Jane kept all the letters until her death in 1936. It is a bit of a mystery whether the letters were passed down to the next generation or simply inherited amongst other items by Jane’s surviving children, as following Jane’s death the letters were discovered in her daughter-in-law, Marjorie Watkins’ house. Since then the letters have been cared for by Trish Johns (Jane’s great granddaughter) who kindly loaned her family’s collection to the Museum for this temporary installation.

Their name liveth for evermore will remain in the Museum for the month of April so make sure you take a few moments to look at his special display during your next visit.