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That’s a wrap! Brisbane Open House


The Museum’s third year of partnering with Brisbane Open House (BOH) wrapped up this past weekend after a fantastic two days of sharing our story, exhibitions and space with new audiences visiting across the BOH festival.

This year we put greater emphasis on our public program offering for the festival; running a children’s DIY pinhole viewer workshop at the Museum, and an immersive camera obscura experience offsite at the Hilton Hotel Brisbane.

We had a great time with the kids (and a few adults!) that joined us for the DIY pinhole viewer workshop.  After making their own pinhole viewers the kids were able to look through them and see the world upside-down and inside-out, much like in the works currently on display at the Museum in Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land.  For the kids who had been to the exhibition previously and were a bit confused about what they were seeing, the pinhole viewers were a great tool to help them understand how the artist created her works.

Those of you following us on social media may have also seen some of the photos we took during the camera obscura experience, which were also inspired by the Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land exhibition.

Using a technique similar to Robyn Stacey’s own, our team created a camera obscura inside one of the rooms at the Hilton Hotel Brisbane and invited BOH visitors to step inside the room and experience a live camera obscura.  We loved sharing this experience with BOH visitors, and seeing their amazement as they watched the goings-on of our city unfold on the walls and ceiling around them.

As a memento of their experience, we asked each group to pose for a photo within the camera obscura.  These images were captured using a 30-second exposure (meaning they had to hold their pose for 30 seconds!), however many of the pieces in Robyn Stacey’s exhibition were taken using exposures of up to four minutes.

Thank you to all of our visitors to the Museum and public programs over the weekend.  We look forward to creating and sharing more unique experiences with you for next year’s Brisbane Open House program!

Camera Obscura Experience

Saturday 10 Oct

Sunday 11 Oct

For those who missed out on the camera obscura experience during the Brisbane Open House weekend, Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land is open at Museum of Brisbane until 3 April 2016 and the exhibition includes a recreation of a camera obscura.