Museum of Brisbane

Sunday Stories | Brisbane’s First Jacaranda

Whether they signify the turning of the seasons or conjure up memories of looming University exam timetables, the purple blooms of the jacaranda tree have decorated the memories of Brisbane residents since 1864.

The first Jacaranda planted in Australia was most likely in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens in 1864. Walter Hill, Director of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, would have obtained the exotic seeds from a visiting ship that had stopped off in South America.

It is purported that Hill would row his boat out of the wharf to swap seeds and plants with visiting sea captain. In 116 years Brisbane’s first Jacaranda had grown to a height of 14m and had a diameter of 10m.  

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Image 1: Jacaranda in bloom, Farsley House, Hamilton, c1950, oil on canvas on board, photo: Carl Warner, Museum of Brisbane Collection.
Image 2: Jacaranda Flowering in New farm Park Brisbane, 2004. Courtesy of artist