Museum of Brisbane

There’s something new in The River

This week the Museum curatorial and exhibitions team spent a few mornings making changes to our semi-permanent exhibition, The River: A history of Brisbane.

If you pop in, you will notice a few changes to some paper based works. Keep an eye out in the the Beauty section for the Ramsey album which now shows sketches of St Mary’s above the Kangaroo Pt cliffs and the Windmill, Wickham Tce.

But why have we made the changes? The Museum rotates works on paper every 3 months for preventive conservation. Works on paper are made with a range of media and different types of paper supports, which deteriorate at different rates to works on canvas etc. Works on paper are inherently instable and are particularly sensitive to environmental conditions such as light exposure and fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity. The speed in which they deteriorate can be controlled by monitoring and stabilising these environmental conditions, therefore we only exhibit works on paper for 3 months in every 12 month period.

The new artworks that were installed this week were part of the exhibition when we opened in April 2013. So if you missed seeing them then, or if you’d just like to see them again, make sure you pop into the Museum in the next few months.