Museum of Brisbane

A Brisbane artist: Robert Brownhall

Museum of Brisbane (Museum): Have you always lived in Brisbane?

Robert Brownhall (RB): I was born in Brisbane, then I moved to Bundaberg with my parents where I lived until I was three years old. We came back to Brisbane after this and I have lived here ever since.

Museum: Tell me about your works and their relationship to Brisbane

RB: I suppose I would call my work imaginative realism. The city has so many great visual stories to tell. I find an interesting scene out on the street or from a high rise building, make a drawing and turn it into a painting in the studio. My paintings are about the way people live, the personality of the architecture (which defines a city) and the effects of light and weather. I especially like the morning and warm afternoon light in Brisbane and I am always trying to capture it in my paintings. When I go out exploring in my car I can always find interesting buildings. I also like the shape of the winding river, the many bridges and the look of the city at night. Brisbane has always felt like home to me.

Museum: What do you find most enjoyable about being an artist based in Brisbane?

RB: The scenery is great and the people are down to earth and easy to get along with. I have a studio at my house in the bush, but I am only 30 minutes drive from the middle of the city.

Museum: What impact do you think local artists have on the city’s DNA?

RB: Some artists can show people their environment in a new way, while other artists make artworks with great personality and character that stick in people’s minds, and become a part of the way they think about their city.

Museum: How important is it that Brisbane celebrates it’s local artists?

RB: It is very important. An artist’s life is not an easy one and if there is no recognition from the people and the city they simply give up and stop doing it. I have seen this happen many times. The city loses a bit more personality each time an artist decides to stop their practice.

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