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On the judging panel for 2015’s traffic signal box art projects

This year our Deputy Director Christopher Salter was invited to join the judging panel for Brisbane City Council’s annual Artforce Awards, which showcase artworks completed on traffic signal boxes in the preceding 12 months as part of the Artforce project.

Overall winner - 'Growth' by Samir Hamaiel Image courtesy of Brisbane City Council

Artforce is a community art project that enables local artists to paint their original works on traffic signal boxes around Brisbane suburbs. Anyone from professional artists to kids who love to paint can apply to be involved in the project, which means there is a diverse array of styles, themes and techniques seen on the boxes each year.

Joining Chris on the panel was Cr Amanda Cooper, Councillor for Bracken Ridge and Chairperson of the Neighbourhood Planning and Development Assessment Committee, and artist Simon Degroot , with each of them bringing a different perspective to the process.

“Being part of the judging panel with Cr Cooper and Simon was a great experience. While we were impressed with all of the entries, we were particularly interested in artworks that connected to its immediate surrounds or suburb, and how they might say something about the culture and landscape of our city,” Chris told us.

“After being part of the judging process, I can’t help but be much more aware of the boxes everywhere I go – and have a better appreciation for the hard work and energy that the community participants put into their work.

“The Artforce project is a great example of how everyday people can make a great contribution to the cultural and artistic life of our city and share stories important to them and their community.”

The 2015 winners were announced at the Artforce Awards in February 2016. Images of their work, and all other submissions, are available from Brisbane City Council.

Those interested in putting their work on a traffic signal box may have to wait a little while, as the project has proved so popular there are currently no boxes available! Get in touch with Urban Smart Projects to be notified when the next boxes are released.


The Museum of Brisbane shop is proud to stock Brisbane Traffic Art 1, which features a collection of painted traffic signal boxes from 103 Brisbane suburbs. All artists featured in the book receive royalties from each sale.