Museum of Brisbane

Meet MoB: Nadine Schmoll


In our series Meet MoB, we go behind the scenes to introduce you to the passionate people who keep Museum of Brisbane ticking. From educators and curators to arts marketers, installers and gallery hosts, meet the diverse team-members who help bring our city’s stories to life at the Museum. This week, we’re featuring Learn Curator Nadine Schmoll.


What does a day in the life of a Learn Curator look like?

There’s plenty of variety, so there’s always something happening! We have some new programs rolling out in this school term,  so much of my time lately has been spent undertaking research and consultation; collaborating with curriculum and industry experts to inform and develop programs and resources; and working with my team to make sure staff are trained and fully resourced to deliver. We spend a lot of time planning ahead and responding to exhibition programming to make it as easy as possible for our audiences to undertake a ‘learn’ experience with us. Then there’s also time spent managing grant applications and budgets, and developing our MoB Kids school holiday programming. 


How did you develop your passion for education and community engagement?

I loved learning when I was at school, and I especially loved art and reading. My nose was always in a book. I never originally thought I could have a career in the arts or that I would work with children, but bit by bit, life has nudged me in that direction. Children are amazingly creative and capable individuals, and it’s my privilege to be able to curate programs with education in mind, and to share the joy of creativity and knowledge.  


Tell us something most people don’t know about you. 

I didn’t think I was scared of heights until I went skydiving. My tandem partner had to literally push me out of the plane, because I told him I’d changed my mind and wanted to stay in the plane. The only way out was down!


What is your favourite artwork currently exhibited at the Museum?

I love seeing Savage Garden’s platinum record on display in High Rotation. Back in the 90s, I had a secret crush on Darren Hayes and their self-titled album was the very first tape cassette I ever owned. 


What program or exhibition are you most looking forward to at the Museum? 

The September school holidays are just around the corner and we have a fantastic program lined up that complements the High Rotation and New Woman exhibitions. We are working with an emerging Aboriginal artist called Tori-Jay Mordey to deliver an illustration workshop for story lovers, making music by combining Makey Makey technology with everyday objects and screen printing band tees, plus many more!


– Nadine Schmoll, Learn Curator