Museum of Brisbane

Kenji Uranishi’s Tenmaku design series now available at the Museum shop


Coinciding with the launch of one of our latest exhibitions, Kenji Uranishi: Momentary, Museum of Brisbane and artist Kenji Uranishi are proud to launch Uranishi’s Tenmaku design series at the Museum shop.

After receiving the pieces from Uranishi the team at the Museum were intrigued to learn about the story behind them.

In 2014 Uranishi was a grateful recipient of an Asialink Arts Residency Program supported by Arts Queensland, which made it possible for him to spend 12 weeks working in Arita, Kyushu, the birthplace of porcelain in Japan.

Uranishi told us he was excited about the potential to create new work in collaboration with Arita; to drive the design process; to learn new techniques from master craftspeople; and to immerse himself in a town where everyone spoke his language—porcelain.

During this time Uranishi worked with local kilns, craftspeople, designers and artists to explore new directions in his ceramic practice. The Tenmaku series is one of the delightful collaborations that resulted.

‘Tenmaku’ means tent or pavilion, a little space made from fabric that often houses something wonderful. The magic of the circus, the excitement of the Japanese ‘undokai’ (sports day), or the quiet space sheltering weary campers—there is something inherently comforting about these forms and fabrics (soft yet strong) that drove Uranishi to re-imagine them in porcelain for housing treasures and memories.

Uranishi’s Tenmaku series is available now in the Museum shop, with each piece featuring his maker’s mark. Visit the Museum now to see Uranishi’s new body of work in Kenji Uranishi: Momentary.