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In the spotlight: Bronwen Jones

Bronwyn at work

We recently stepped into Bronwen Jones’ Queenslander in the leafy streets of Tarragindi to find out more about the craft of using resin and what led her to start her own company producing vintage inspired resin vases, Bravo Juliet Designs.

Museum of Brisbane (MoB): What was your inspiration for creating vintage inspired resin vases?

Bronwen Jones (BJ): I had been making resin bangles for about three years and thought about trying to make vases. It was initially just a technical challenge I set myself to make moulds of vintage glass ware and use resin in a different way. I thought it would be a good way to use resin and a unique way to mix the old style and a new medium. The result was functional vases that are bright and colourful as well as light and unbreakable.

pouring the mould    taking out of mould

MoB: You mentioned you had a background in science. Does this impact on your practice?

BJ: Yes definitely. I think my scientific background has given me a strong technical basis that my creativity can draw on.

MoB: You’ve lived in Brisbane for a number of years now, what do you think is unique about Brisbane and how has it impacted on your craft?

BJ: I love the Brisbane river and that way it ‘interrupts’ the city but adds so much to it as well. I love the seasons here, the long hot summer bookended by gorgeous days of spring and autumn and then three days of winter (very different from Melbourne where I grew up). I love that it is pretty much a big country town, and I say that with such fondness. I love to join in and thank the bus driver as I get off the bus.

I’ve kind of become a grown up in Brisbane, gone from a fun-lovin’ single gal to a married mother of two. I married a Queenslander and had two of my own, so Brisbane is now ‘home’ to me. I think maturing and being comfortable with where I am, physically as well as emotionally, has meant I have been confident enough to pursue my creative dreams such as launching Bravo Juliet Designs.

mini pineapple out of mould

MoB: What’s next for Bravo Juliet Designs?

BJ: I am looking to look for ways to make multi-coloured vases as well as a range of modern styles. I am always interested in looking at other ways to do things, one of those is using a plant-based ‘ecoresin’ and how that might change my products (for the better).

vases close up

Bravo Juliet