Museum of Brisbane

Gadens show support for Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land


As the inaugural Museum partner, the relationship between Gadens and Museum of Brisbane has been instrumental in the success of the Museum. In 2015, Gadens is principal supporter of Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land exhibition. To accompany the Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land exhibition, three of Robyn’s works are currently on display in the reception of the Brisbane office for Gadens at 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane. To celebrate the launch of the exhibition we spoke with Gadens Chairman, Paul Spiro, who spoke about his passion for the arts and what inspired Gadens to be a part of the Museum’s future.

Museum of Brisbane (Museum): Growing up in Brisbane, can you tell us a how you developed your love for the arts?

Paul Spiro, Gadens (PS): My journey with the arts didn’t start until later in life. I didn’t have much exposure to the arts, visual or otherwise, when I was growing up – I was preoccupied with sporting endeavours and the like. My interest in the arts was piqued when I joined my law firm, Gadens in the mid-1980s. Gadens was a firm that had commenced in Sydney and then spread its wings to Papua New Guinea in the late 60s and Brisbane in the early 80s. It was a firm that always had a deeply embedded interest in, and support of, the arts and, in particular, the visual arts. I “got on board” with the cultural journey of the firm and haven’t looked back.

Museum: What role do you think arts and culture plays for Brisbane and its residents?

PS: I think that Brisbane warmly embraces the arts and culture generally. I think that this embrace is becoming more passionate as the city grows and is confident about more loudly expressing its “personality”. If you look at the success of the cultural institutions in Brisbane and the growing number of people that visit those institutions – just look at the visitor numbers to the Museum of Brisbane and Brisbane Festival for example – you would have to say that the arts and culture are of paramount importance to the residents of Brisbane and also visitors to Brisbane.

Museum: As the inaugural Museum partner, Gadens has been instrumental in the Museum’s success. What inspired Gadens to support the Museum?

PS: Gadens has the arts in its DNA. We have always given generously to the creative community in Brisbane and the inspiration for the support of the Museum of Brisbane was a continuation of a long history of the support of the arts. We also recognised that the leadership of the Museum, at both executive and board level, was highly dedicated, professional and passionate about the vision for the Museum and that encouraged us even more so to support the Museum. We couldn’t be happier about our relationship with the Museum – the city should be proud of this very important cultural institution.

Museum: Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land and offers an intimate and provocative look at the evolution of the city. What excites you most about the future of arts and culture in Brisbane?

PS: Growing up in Brisbane in the 60s/70s was a wonderful experience – Brisbane was emerging from its country town image and taking its place on the national stage. Brisbane is now front and centre on the national stage – its position as a city that is empathetic to, and supportive of, the creative community is getting stronger. I’m excited by the energy that is being created in the city by the arts and culture sectors and the support that those sectors are receiving from both government and private enterprise sources. I think the next decade in Brisbane will be defining of the city’s place in the Australian cultural landscape – I’m confident that Brisbane’s status and image will continue to grow in the national and international arts community during that period.

Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land artworks on display in the Gadens Lawyers foyer