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Edith Head: Costume designer to the stars of Hollywood

Edith Head, 1976. Wikimedia Commons

Costumes designed by Edith Head can be spotted throughout Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Head was known for working closely with female stars to create glamorous yet wearable costumes and this can clearly be seen in the dresses featured in the exhibition (see below). She once explained that what she did was a cross between “magic and camouflage. We create the illusion of changing the actors into what they are not.”

Head started her career as a sketch artist at Paramount Pictures in 1924 and slowly worked her way up until she became chief designer for the studio in 1938. By then she was also considered one of the leading costume designers in Hollywood.

Head worked at Paramount Pictures for over 4 decades before moving to Universal Pictures where she remained until her death in 1981.

Over the span of her career she won eight Academy Awards.