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In the spotlight: Each To Own

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“Brisbane is a city of golden light, colour and optimism….” Kirsten Devitt


Each To Own is a Brisbane based jewellery and homewares label created by Kirsten Devitt. Her colourful creations are currently stocked in The Museum shop and have proven very popular. We asked her a few questions about her life in Brisbane and how living here has influenced her designs.

Museum of Brisbane (MoB): Kirsten can you tell us the inspiration behind Each to Own?

Kirsten Devitt (KD): My inspiration comes from the colour form and movement that I come across in everyday life. My pieces tend to be bright, sparkly and colourful because that’s what I’m drawn to. I’ve always been interested in making and creating pieces from found objects and I think that this has just progressed through working with laser cutting. I find form and colour in nature and patterns in playing with familiar shapes of design. I’m inspired to get up and work at Each To Own everyday because I get to play for a living and there is nothing more inspiring than that!

 MoB: On your website you say all your pieces are made at your home in Brisbane. How do you think your life here has influenced your jewellery designs? 

KD: I hope that it is really easy to see how my life in Brisbane influences my pieces. Brisbane is a city of golden light, colour and optimism; I’ve always felt Brisbane to be young, bright, loud and sparkly as a town – a place that is okay with standing out and being individual. I hope that my jewellery makes those who wear it feel the same.

each2own pineapples

MoB: Do you feel there is a designer/artisans community in Brisbane? Do you think there’s something special that sets them apart from designers in other parts of Australia?

KD: There is definitely a great artistic/design/maker community in Brisbane – a community that is set apart from other places in Australia because of our artistic heritage. The generation that I went through uni with had to work pretty hard to keep art, design and music free and alive in Brisbane…our artistic freedom was hard won. I don’t think other capital cities in Australia had to kick against such a conservative atmosphere as we had to in Queensland. Brisbane’s artists, designers and makers tend to reflect that in their ability to take ideas and head forward brightly and confidently, without apology.

MoB: What’s next for Each to Own?

KD: More of the same! My work evolves slowly and makes baby steps all the time – I can’t seem to work to seasons or collections so things just tend to bubble out. I think of something, I go into the workshop, I make it. If it stinks I pop it away to revisit another time. If I like it I’ll put it out there and hope that people like it too. There are no sneaky peeks, announcements or secrets with Each To Own – I am a bit of a PR flop when it comes to that!  I really just like to make things and hope people want to wear them.