Museum of Brisbane

Costumes behind-the-scenes


There is more to Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood than beautiful garments. The exhibition took 3 years of planning and development before the Museum of Brisbane exhibitions team started building the exhibition.

It’s been a few weeks since the team finished installing the show, which means they have (mostly) caught up on their sleep and are slowing returning to “normal” life. Therefore, we asked them to go back to those 4 gruelling weeks of build and install to give us some interesting facts about what went into the exhibition:

  • There are 10 different types of size 6-8 mannequins. Almost EVERY female mannequin had to have chest or waist reduced to make them small enough. Many had BOTH modified.
  • There are six shades of pink used in the Musicals section.
  • The word “Hollywood” appears 89 times in this exhibition.
  • There are 25 film snippets from 1930s – 1960s playing in the exhibition
  • 6000 screws (exactly!) were used
  • There is 50 linear metres of film didactic information on display
  • There are 69 garments, 80 original film photographs and 17 original costume sketches on display
  • The costume exhibition space sits on 289.42 square metres

Our technical officer also added that he lost 10,000 calories in the 2 week build. So those health conscious readers who are sick of going to the gym and who are not doing anything for the next 3 years, consider planning and installing a major garment exhibition. We guarantee you’ll lose more than 10,000 over this time.

Here’s a bit of what went on behind the scenes.