Museum of Brisbane

What does collecting mean to you?

Museums and collections are like cheese and crackers/chocolate and mint/holidays and the beach – they go together really well. At Museum of Brisbane, we love adding to the collection and discovering more about our wonderful city. This enthusiasm is generally also enjoyed by our staff and visitors. In the lead up to #MuseumWeek’s #inspirationMW day, we asked the Museum staff if anyone had a personal collection we could share. Our Program Manager raised her hand and started telling us about her love of collecting:

“My collections are very much based on my personal aesthetic and memory. It’s not a planned process of collecting – it’s very opportunistic and random. For me collecting is equally about where I happened to find an object as much how it might add to my collection. All of my collections can be traced back to childhood memories. I was born and grew up in Brisbane, and spent all of my holidays on the Sunshine Coast. I am very proudly from Brisbane, and I have always been fascinated by the way that places like to be remembered – the wooden ruler with photos of the Big Pineapple is a classic example! I grew up in the 1970s, so although I was once vehemently opposed to all things 70s, it’s something that I am noticing creeping into my collections. It seems that the collecting bug is generational because my family have always collected things and now my five year old nephew has started a collection of his own. When he opens the shoe-box and tells me where all his precious things came from – I know that it’s much more than just acquiring things. It’s all about the memories and the stories.”

Leanne's broochs

Leanne’s hand painted brooch collection