Museum of Brisbane

City museums need not be a place of static display and the past

Museum of Brisbane Director, Peter Denham. Photo by Atmosphere Photography 2013

Well that’s at least how Museum Director, Peter Denham sees it. After being awarded a 2015 Churchill Fellowship earlier this year, he has just set off on a two-month research project, travelling to 10 countries across Europe and North America.

He’s on a mission to benchmark the Museum against the world’s best cultural institutions. Peter will be on the lookout for innovative programs, international partnerships and new exhibitions.

He is looking forward to seeing what museums in some of the most fascinating cities in the world – including Moscow, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, London and New York – are doing.

“I am fascinated to see how they represent their communities and play an active role in the life of their cities,” he said.

“City museums need not be a place of static display and the past, they can be a place of real engagement whether on site, somewhere in the city, or online anywhere in the world.

“Brisbane is rapidly changing and its Museum needs to find new and innovative ways to connect with the community. I am so excited about this amazing opportunity for the Museum and Brisbane.”