Museum of Brisbane

Behind-the-scenes with Elizabeth Willing

In the month of July, we had the privilege of visiting Elizabeth Willing’s home-based studio in Ashgrove, Brisbane. Elizabeth will be exhibiting in the Museum of Brisbane’s upcoming show Tastes like Sunshine.

Tastes like Sunshine explores the flavoursome side of our city’s character and reveals its rich and evolving food story through contemporary art, personal stories and historical documents and images. Featuring exciting new artwork and installations by acclaimed artists including Elizabeth, Sean Rafferty and Carol McGregor, Tastes like Sunshine engages all five senses in an interactive experience that will challenge your pre-existing notions of food.

Elizabeth imagines new, playful and innovative creations using food as both inspiration and medium to engage audiences in a multi-sensory, immersive experience. Working with leading local chefs, Elizabeth has explored the fun, interactive and experiential aspects of food. For Tastes like Sunshine Elizabeth has created nine new works with ingredients including dark chocolate, marshmallows, shortbread and jam. Elizabeth is a Brisbane-based visual artist known for the exploration of food within her installation-led arts practice.

Photos by Museum of Brisbane’s Media Coordinator, Jaala Alex.