With the start of semester two fast approaching, we have plenty on offer to keep your students engaged and excited for the remainder of the school year. Each program is designed to compliment classroom learning and connect to the Australian National Curriculum.


Brisbane now and then
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Years 1 – 6
$9.90 per student


Facing World War One
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Years 7 – 12
$9.90 per student

Specifically designed to meaningfully connect with the Australian National Curriculum  History, this program also touches on curriculum links Maths and Science.
Your class will take a trip back in time to discover what Brisbane was like in the past. Includes a tour of City Hall and the Clock Tower, as well as an object handling workshop exploring what life was like in the 1800-1900s.


Curator Phillip Manning will guide students through our exhibition Facing World War One: Stories of loyalty, loss and love and discuss the stories of featured Brisbane soldiers and families. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain a deeper insight into the exhibition content as it relates to their coursework. Linked to the Australian National Curriculum  Humanities and Social Sciences – History.


Level 3, City Hall, King George Square

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