Here at Museum of Brisbane, we are delighted with the excellent response to 100% Brisbane. With great coverage in the media and repeat visitation, our visitors can’t get enough of the exhibition from just one trip! We’ve also caught up with some of our 100 participants in the exhibition space, who have brought their families and friends along to explore the exhibition. We love to see this continuing support, so once again thank you!

Brisbane DNA has received great feedback, as visitors are really enjoying answering the interactive questions and finding out who they are most like. As our 100 representatives of the city, your generosity has provided a personal connection that opens up the conversation to the many other stories of the city. We are very excited to track the Brisbane DNA data over the next 3 years in response to your answers, so watch this space for updates along the way!

612 ABC Radio want you to share your family story

612 ABC Brisbane have been really inspired by 100% Brisbane. The producers of Steve Austin’s Morning Show would like to feature Brisbane DNA participants on their My Family segment. The segment looks at all the different types of families who live in Brisbane. For example, last Wednesday Steve spoke to a mum who had her children via IVF. A few weeks ago he spoke to someone who has had to deal with domestic violence in her family. He’s also spoken to a 2nd generation Italian man, an African refugee, a South African family and more.

The chat goes for 15-20 minutes and is usually live in the studio, however it can be a live pre-record if you prefer.

The essence of the conversation is to find out what family is to you, how you grew up, how your family has shaped you. It can also solely focus on your current family, how it came to be and what’s important in that family unit. If you would like to get involved in this opportunity and share your family story, please get in touch with me.

Fantastic events August 20-21

We have some great events coming up on the weekend of August 20 and 21 and we hope to see you there! These events continue to celebrate Brisbane’s Indigenous history and feature some wonderful storytellers.

Storytelling workshop: How the echidna got its quills
In this hands-on workshop, children have the opportunity to use clap sticks and participate in Dreamtime stories.

Dreamtime stories with Shannon Ruska
Listen and learn from Shannon Ruska as he shares the ancient stories from Brisbane and its Dreaming.

In conversation with Uncle Bob Anderson
This well-respected elder shares stories from his life and the future of Brisbane and the Quandamooka people.

Get online on August 9!

Using data supplied by exhibition supporter Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), we were able to find YOU, one of 100 real people to represent Brisbane today.

Tonight, pause and make a different to the story of our city by completing your Census survey.

To hear more about how the ABS data was used in the exhibition catch up on our ‘Making of 100% Brisbane’ panel discussion which featured Bec Reid, Phil Manning and a number of our 100 on the panel and in the audience. It was a wonderful conversation, full of surprises!

Level 3, City Hall, King George Square

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