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About The Easton Pearson Archive

The Easton Pearson Archive gift to Museum of Brisbane has been made possible by the generous support of Dr Paul Eliadis, a Brisbane-based philanthropist and patron of contemporary art and design.

The Archive consists of more than 3,300 garments donated by Dr Eliadis through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program in 2017. It is supported by more than 5,000 accessories, spec sheets, range plans, look books, photographs and other supporting materials donated by Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson in 2018.

The Easton Pearson Archive captures a pivotal piece of Australian design and fashion history, explores national identity and reveals Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson’s place at the forefront of contemporary design movements including: fashion as art; ethical manufacture; and slow fashion.

The Archive is a treasure held by the Museum of Brisbane to inspire, inform and awe fashion and design enthusiasts today and into the future. It is also a valuable resource for designers, bespoke manufacturers and students, for whom the design duo remains an enduring influence.