Museum of Brisbane

Meet MoB: Lisa Fuller


In our series, Meet MoB, we go behind the scenes to spotlight the passionate people who keep Museum of Brisbane ticking. Get to know the diverse team-members who help bring our city’s stories to life at the Museum⁠—from curators, arts marketers and educators to gallery hosts and installers. This week, we introduce Lisa Fuller, Engagement Lead at Museum of Brisbane.


What does a day in the life of an Engagement Lead look like?

I can wear many hats at the Museum—whether that’s overseeing what is happening on the Museum floor, organising upcoming workshops and events, or managing the ticketing of our events and exhibitions. At the moment, I am in the midst of programming for our two exciting upcoming exhibitions, New Woman and High Rotation. That means I’m talking to local artists, suppliers and experts to map out how we can best build upon a guests’ Museum experience through talks, workshops, and ‘in conversations’ series to an enjoyable and memorable experience for our visitors.


How did you first develop an interest in audience engagement? And what led you to your current role? 

I grew up in Alice Springs, and came to Brisbane to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. Although I did teach in schools for a short period, I worked casually at the Museum during this time, and that’s when I realised where I really wanted to be. I love the creative aspect of developing a program at the Museum, and the process of engaging and collaborating with artists.  I also really love the excitement and energy of delivering high-quality events, and learning so many interesting things about Brisbane along the way.

I’m passionate about creating opportunities for people from various backgrounds to  learn about Brisbane, by engaging in Museum programs that explore diversity and the richness of our cultural identity.


What is a fun fact we wouldn’t know about you?

You’ll likely find me at the local climbing gyms in my spare time.


What is your favourite artwork currently on show at the Museum?

There are so many great works on display at the moment as part of BRISBANE ART DESIGN (BAD), including the installation work by Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan,  but a special mention goes to Michael Cook’s Broken Dream #3, which we recently added to the Museum collection.  My favourite from BAD would have to be Kellie O’Dempsey’s Outside the Lines in the Clem Jones Gallery, because it’s a beautiful multi-sensory work within an interactive space. I’ve also been able to work with Kellie to engage people within the space — through an artist talk, multimedia drawing workshops and a live performance work by Kellie, with the help of a musician and dancers.


What are you most looking forward to at the Museum? 

I’m really excited about New Woman. It is an incredible opportunity to be part of an exhibition program focusing on the female artists of Brisbane over the past 100 years, celebrating the contribution and successes of women in Brisbane, past and present. I’m particularly looking forward to some of the great artist-led workshops we have in store, as well as the incredibly knowledgeable and diverse artist and expert panels who we’ll be hearing from.


– Lisa Fuller, Engagement Lead