Museum of Brisbane

Artists @ Home


Museum of Brisbane (MoB) is seeking 10 creatives from the Greater Brisbane Region to complete a 6-week creative residency from their home or studio. Each artist will receive $3,000 to support the development of new work.

Supporting Brisbane’s creative community is important to MoB. While our Artist-in-Residence program at the Museum is currently closed, we hope to continue developing relationships, collaborating and encouraging the sharing of knowledge and creative ideas with our community.

Program Focus

How is your lived experience of the COVID-19 pandemic influencing your creativity? At this unprecedented time of isolation, the MoB Artists @ Home residency program aims to bridge physical distance through making, sharing and connecting. It aims to capture the experience of the present, at this significant point in our history, through the eyes, hands and words of Brisbane’s makers.

The program invites Brisbane’s visual artists, designers, photographers, videographers, musicians, performers, writers and poets to respond through their creative practice. The residency will be completed offsite in the artist’s home or studio while providing digital updates to the MoB team across the 6-week residency.

Banner & Image: Kellie O’Dempsey in her studio, Brisbane Art Design, 2019. Photo: Tyrone Ryan


  • Support the development of creative practice for Brisbane artists, particularly during a time when artist income streams and showcase platforms have been impacted by COVID-19
  • Document and support creative responses to the lived experiences of Brisbane residents during this unprecedented time of social isolation and global pandemic
  • Recognise the value artists and creative practitioners bring to our community
  • Facilitate the growth and exchange of knowledge and ideas
  • Inspire dialogue between creatives and members of the community, provoking conversations and challenging perspectives
  • Give members of the public a unique insight into the creative process, by providing the opportunity to see the work unfold first-hand
  • Develop materials for audiences to engage with your work or creative practice that are accessible online.


  • Creation of new work/s
  • Complete weekly documentation updates of your practice including images, videos, written responses and findings to be used within MoB social channels and connect with our audiences
  • Present your work in a digital context to a large and culturally diverse audience (frequency dependent on nature of your creative process)
  • Engage with MoB and the community through MoB’s social media platforms, as well as your own social media platform
  • Write a blog post or participate in a written Q&A at the end of the residency
  • Upon the completion of the residency, artists may propose to deliver an online engagement program or event, such as (but not limited to) a workshop, downloadable activity, artist talk or educational program. Future engagement outcomes will be developed in collaboration with the artist and the MoB team. Additional artist facilitation fees will be provided for the development of additional programs.


Emerging, mid-career and established artists are encouraged to apply. Applicants must:

  • Reside within the Greater Brisbane Region
  • Have access to a digital SLR camera and experience in documenting your work and work processes
  • Have access to a mobile phone with video capability
  • Have experience using social media
  • Have access to reliable internet connection

How to Apply:

Applications must include the below items and can be emailed to

  • Submit your CV, a short biography and an image of yourself (if available)
  • 5 examples of your work via relevant URL links
  • A short description of your residency proposal (no more than 1 A4 page) including:
    • a response to the program focus, objectives and deliverables
    • location of where the residency will take place
    • an image of your home studio/creative space
    • budget of how you will spend $3,000

Assessment Criteria:

  • Suitability of practice for the MoB ‘Artists @ Home’ Residency format
  • Artistic merit of current practice
  • Quality and uniqueness of creative proposal
  • Viability and suitability of proposal in response to the program objectives and deliverables
  • Ability to connect creatively with audiences on a digital platform
  • Ability to achieve proposed outcomes within the 6-week time frame

Note: Please include in subject line – Artist name, MoB Artists @ Home Residency Application

Applications are due by 13th April 2020 at 11:59pm.

Assessments will take place by/on 20th April with applicants notified by 22nd April.

Successful artists will be paid $1500 on commencement and $1500 on completion.

Museum of Brisbane’s Artist-in-Residence Program is generously supported by Tim Fairfax AC.