Museum of Brisbane


2018 Gadens Art Challenge

Museum of Brisbane Collection is the keeping place of our city, part of our collective memory and a source of inspiration and great joy.

We invite your support for this year’s Gadens Art Challenge to acquire Lindy Lee’s flung bronze work, Horizons growing beyond the visible (2017). This artwork celebrates a nationally significant Brisbane-born artist and reveals her story and influences on visitors today and into the future.

Lindy’s work will be on display at Museum of Brisbane during Brisbane Art Design 2019, a major exhibition and a city-wide celebration of our talented contemporary artists and designers.

Importantly, Gadens has once again generously committed to dollar matching all appeal donations up to a total value of $20,000, allowing you to double the impact of your gift.

With the help of people like you, and firms like Gadens Brisbane, Museum of Brisbane can continue to share the best of Brisbane.

Lindy Lee is a highly respected Australian artist.

Her practice investigates how materials can be used to tell stories about the intrinsic links between humanity and nature. Her flung bronze works are informed by her Chinese heritage through Buddhism and Taoism and explore notions of chance and the universe. While the Museum’s Collection tells many stories of European histories, the Museum is seeking to strengthen and diversify its collection with contemporary stories that reflect both the demographics of Brisbane today and the Museum’s visitors.

Horizons growing beyond the visible (2017) is also an example of an internationally recognised artist collaborating with a Brisbane creative company (Urban Art Projects) to produce innovative contemporary work for the world stage.

The addition of this work to the Museum of Brisbane Collection will greatly augment and complement the existing collection and contribute to our city’s contemporary identity.

“Museum of Brisbane plays an integral role in showcasing the culture and history of our wonderful city. The Gadens Art Challenge provides an opportunity to leave a legacy for the Brisbane community.”

Paul Spiro
Gadens Chairman


Lindy Lee, Horizons growing beyond the visible, 2017, flung bronze
Courtesy the artist, Urban Art Projects and Sullivan + Strumpf