Museum of Brisbane

The Secret Lives of Costumes with Queensland Ballet

  • 23 Mar 2018
  • 6pm - 7.30pm
  • $15
  • Dome Lounge

Costumes are garments of intricate detail and dramatic beauty, they are also heavy-duty work wear required to withstand extreme wear and tear. Discover the life cycle of  costumes from design to conservation. Part of Mao’s Last Dancer the exhibition program.

The Secret Lives of Costumes with Queensland Ballet

A costume has a life of its own, it is dreamed into being, adorned and very often slips away quietly into retirement. Others live a long and adventure-filled life, touring the world in exhibitions, being carefully conserved and studiously archived.

Join Queensland Ballet’s Wardrobe Production Manager and Resident Designer, Noelene Hill and Meg McKavanagh from the Museum of Brisbane Collection team for a fascinating journey through the design, construction, exhibition and conservation stages in the life of a costume.


Li Cunxin with the Romeo costume he wore with Houston Ballet and above Yanela Piñera and Joel Woellner in Ben Stevenson’s Swan Lake. Photos: David Kelly