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100% Brisbane lunchtime series: Brisbane DNA

  • Fri 17 Feb 2017
  • Exhibition now closed

Hungry for more 100% Brisbane? Join us for five snack-sized curators tours as we take a closer look at what makes us…!

100% Brisbane lunchtime series: Brisbane DNA

During five special 30 minute lunchtime tours we will focus on five important themes of the exhibition.

Brisbane is a city of more than 1.1 million people, of whom 70% were born in Australia. But statistics can only reveal so much about us.

Brisbane DNA takes you beyond the stereotypes and statistics to reveal the heart of modern Brisbane. The culmination of a world-first collaboration with Berlin-based theatre company Rimini Protokoll, this part of the exhibition it not to be missed.

Exploring the thoughts, opinions and life stories of 100 Brisbane residents, curator Phil Manning will take you through this ground-breaking exhibition that not only represents a demographic profile of our city but provides a dynamic picture into the heart and soul of who Brisbane is right now.







Tram Days | Friday 16 December 2016

For nearly 80 years trams were the main way to traverse the city, playing an important role in getting to and from work, going shopping, attending events, visiting friends and accessing places to relax. Playing a significant role in the development of Brisbane and directly aiding the urbanisation of the city, new tram extensions provided impetus for new houses and shops. Now simply remembered as ‘the trams’,some residents might remember their more colourful names, such as matchbox trams, jumping jacks, droppies, iron dukes and the phoenix trams. Our first significant foray in public transport, Brisbane’s trams continue to hold a nostalgic place in the memories of many Brisbane residents. Join curator Melinda Gagen as she takes you on a trip down memory lane.

This event has passed.



Meanjin to Brisbane and Birth of a city | Friday 20 January 2017

The Moreton Bay penal settlement was established on a ridge on the north side of the Brisbane River, an area known as Meanjin, in early 1825. At this time it is estimated there were approximately 5,000 Aboriginal people living between Pine River in the north to Logan River in the south. Eventually the penal settlement moved to the area that is now Brisbane’s central business district, marking the beginning of the city we call home. Brisbane opened to free setters in 1842 and as the town developed the local Aboriginal people were dispossessed of their land. Join curator Phil Manning as he takes you on a journey looking at the birth and growth of Brisbane, the simultaneous displacement of Aboriginal people and the conflicts that ensued.

This event has passed.



Floods | Friday 17 March 2017

When John Oxley named the Brisbane River in 1823 he reported that it showed no signs of past floods. Only one year later he would see evidence to the contrary and since then Brisbane has experienced several major floods that have significantly impacted the city and the daily lives of its residents. Join curator Melinda Gagen for a tour looking at the devastating effects of three of Brisbane’s most destructive floods and take a look at how Brisbane’s resilient community spirit has rallied to rebuild not only our homes but to support the lingering emotional effects of the floods.



Place | Friday 21 April 2017

Brisbane’s natural environment – of a beautiful river, rolling hills and sub-tropical climate – has significantly shaped our relationship to this place, as well as influencing our lifestyle and architecture. The dynamic relationship between people and place provides various features and memories that connect each of us the the city. Join curator Phil Manning to explore how we have responded to and developed our lush landscape, punctuated by the thoughts from a selection of the 100 residents in Brisbane DNA. This tour will also provide an insiders look at the detail of our interactive statistics wall, A day in the life of Brisbane, and Scents of the city, an exploration of some of the scents that connect us to Brisbane.

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